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Creator's Creation

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Brahma Organic is a global brand of premium organic food products, with roots in the foothill of the Himalayan mountain ranges of Northeast India. We cater and supply certified organic food products to the global market.

About Us

Here's a little about what we're up to.

"Brahma Organic" is a premium global brand of certified organic food products promoted by Jeev Anksh Eco Products Pvt. Ltd. from India. The name "Brahma Organic" is derived from the Hindu god of Creation, Brahmā. He is considered as the creator of the Universe, and all its life form. Taking his philosophy of creation of organic lifeforms, we are trying to provide his creation to the world. Most of the products of Brahma Organic are from the Himalayan foothills of Northeast India, and few are from the Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot in India. Product range include spices, herbs, pulses, oil seeds and tea (black & green). We are already catering to the Indian sub-continent and the South East Asian market. Our organic food product range will be available in the European market soon!


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